Hate Mail and other Ignorant Nonsense

This is a short post to inform those who have recently begun to bombard me with hate mail and ignorance in some of its other boringly blatant forms, that their efforts are wasted.  Those posts will not be displayed here.  There are plenty enough other areas of the internet that are infected with such bile; I am hardly about to allow my own blog become one of them.

As to the lies that have been circulated about me recently, well there is not much I can do about those.  In all honesty, there’s not much I would do if I could.  They are fairly obvious, most of them.  For example I am said to be just out of prostitution, despite that anyone who bothered to read this blogs ‘About’ page would know I am out of prostitution fourteen years.  This lie was constructed in order to query what business I have not being semi-literate.  Because, you see, former prostitutes are supposed to be, apparently.  Strange that this notion was constructed by a current prostitute! 

There are many others, each one less worth repeating than the last. They all have the same aim, which is to discredit me and everything I experienced and witnessed throughout seven years that spanned prostitution’s entire social spectrum.  These are common silencing tactics from the pro-prostitution lobby; all of us survivors experience them.  Well, as I said to a good friend of mine recently – none of this BS is going to keep our arses off interviewers’ seats or our books off the shelves.  Roll on next spring when my book is published and I will be making my identity public, for the primary reason that I damn-well intend to stand over my own experiences, and I will not be silenced by anyone.


6 thoughts on “Hate Mail and other Ignorant Nonsense

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  2. Firstly I want to say, that I’ve been reading a lot on your blog lately and making comments, one article at a time. Starting with the “Message to the “Good Punter”. I hope you recognize that I am giving my honest feedback and not trying to “hate on you” per se.
    Actually, the more I read what you’ve written, the more I admire your determination and strength, let alone commitment to cause.
    I am not converted so to speak yet, but I’m listening. I am not close minded as you may think from some of my posts. I’m just blunt and honest with what I see or think.
    Regarding my first, very long post on “The Good Punter”. It may have sounded seething and venomous, but that was how I interpreted your post of “The Good Punter”. I won’t get into here. Here I just wanted to say “You go girl!”
    Why? Because I see you have spirit and determination. I may disagree with you, but you believe in what you are doing and saying. You may even convince me yet. In any case, that is a spirit that deserves to fly and a voice, right or wrong that deserves to be heard. You go for it and I wish you the best with your endeavor! (again, even if I may disagree with your message at the moment)


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