Please Help Lisia Mendiola – a Heartfelt Appeal for a Fellow Survivor

I generally don’t get unnerved in writing these blogs. I generally just say what I have to say and accept that I can only be honest, but cannot influence how anyone reading might receive them. This post is different. It is different because it is about a woman who is desperately struggling, desperately in need of help, and if I construct this post all wrong maybe nobody who reads it will feel inclined to help her. That is a lot of pressure. It unnerves me, but I can only do my best – so here goes:

This woman I am talking about, Lisia Mendiola Lopez, has survived a background of physical abuse, rape, forced prostitution, and just about everything else a woman wouldn’t want to experience. There is no doubt about this woman being genuine. Her story has been authenticated by another survivor and has been blogged about in survivor circles. She is now a mother, a survivor, and a final year university student. She has come through all this on her own and funded herself through college – until now.

Now, in her final semester, Lisia has run out of funds. She cannot pay her final tuition fees, 5.500 US dollars. Her college has informed her that she doesn’t qualify for financial aid and she is now in near certainty of not being able to complete her education, although she has brought herself so close to doing that.

In desperation, she has set up a fund that people might contribute to help her reach her goal. It has raised $925.00, but there have been almost no new contributions in the last month. It seems that interest has gone stale and this looks like the end of the road.

I know that people are deep in recession in Ireland and elsewhere, but this story hurts and frustrates me on a deep level; however I also have a deep belief in the basic generosity of people when they come across a worthy cause. So I hope, cash-strapped and all as we are, that we can club together, even if only ten euros/pounds/dollars at a time, to rescue this young woman from this horribly disappointing situation.

The saddest part of all this is that Lisia is due to graduate from a social work degree, and she has always intended to use that degree to help other women caught in the same situation that she was. It would be a human tragedy if she was not able to realise her dream. As she says herself, she has chosen “not to be an average statistic”.

Please help her not to be that.


3 thoughts on “Please Help Lisia Mendiola – a Heartfelt Appeal for a Fellow Survivor

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  2. Unfortunately it seems that she’s reached the deadline and has failed to raise the money. This is a sad ending to say the least. I sent her money anyway, hope she can try again eventually…

    • Thank you to you Francois and to the anonymous contributer who just gave Lisia some money. Yes I’ve just discovered that she’s nearing her deadline, but as long as she’s still up there people can donate and everything she collects will be helpful.

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